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Sharing the home of great design

Sharing the home of great design


This day has come and we are launching the agency. Welcome to the home of good practice, finest design and execution.


We’ve started UX Loft to share expertise. The people here have built knowledge, experience, passion and regime needed to create or revive a great web project, – with a hint of rebellio


The story began with schools and corporates. Maria studied computer science and learned the practice of design moving through a corporate career, and getting PC Mag awards for the products she designed along the way. From interface design to user experience strategy, to a completely new challenge of data visualisation in the semantics industry, and to designing a killer corporate startup product, – she has developed it all. Maria has worked on a few London startups, helping them create good interfaces, on weekends, – having moved to the town in 2010.


Launching something very own was a great next step. When finally all things came together in the right place, and the perfect time for a startup has come, my partner and I called Maria and it was decided.  I’ve started family businesses in Moscow, studied marketing in Norway and France, worked on launching DHL E-commerce new business moving from Germany to Russia again, and dreamt of my own web company that can change the world.


We’ve started Lobster as a worldwide place where everyone, from designers to marketers, can license images from people’ social media posts. It seemed dull and illogical that social media images are so visible and so inaccessible at once. Lobster turned into the most challenging UX, technology and scalability task we’ve ever faced. And we made it. Since the start in 2013 we’ve implemented three generations of design, we know what MVP and lean mean and how to transition to a proper web app at the right time.


Lobster has been appreciated by users, startup ecosystem and web conferences. We’ve had a chance to launch it on stage of TechCrunch Disrupt, present it at Slush in Helsinki and showcase it at the Web Summit in Dublin and TechWeek NYC. We’ve got support from UKTI and investment from Wayra UK (Telefonica), and most recently – product coverage at TechCrunch, Product Hunt and Tech City News.


We now have a team that can plan, research, design, develop, market and strategize products. Thanks to Lobster and our CTO we have a secret network of in-house managed European developers with warmingly continental rates. A unique resource to make products happen fast.


It is such an exciting time to share all these helping other companies launch and re-launch more great things that make the world better, and getting our hands on the best ideas in the industry. We’ve teamed up with Sergey, who’s launched the most successful web projects in a 140m population country that may stay unmentioned for the purpose of this blog.


UX Loft has built the home for great design, with our diverse experience and passion to materialise great ideas in experiences as fundamentals for the it, – and the doors are now open.