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​UX Loft is the home for great design with the people who care. We are your team of UX professionals, designers and strategic consultants. All with genuine expertise ranging from huge corporate solutions to amazing startups.

The team will walk you through transforming your idea into reality: from theory to practice.  Together will define project objectives, audience, usability goals and strategy, then design hands-on and bring specific web development resource onboard. We have access to teams of frontend and backend developers, brand designers and social media marketers in Europe who will power the execution.



Maria Iontseva

UX & UI Design, Social Marketing Tools

Experienced UX & UI specialist with a passion for creating new products from scratch. Driven by strategic vision and new trends in design, while focused on execution. Won PC Mag awards for consumer and enterprise products UX design at a large software house. Co-founded and launched Lobster, the social content marketplace, where Maria designed three generations of interface and drove implementation by a team of frontend developers. Featured on TechCrunch and Product Hunt. A Londoner, sails and plays jazz guitar.


Olga Egorsheva

Growth, Communications, Investment

Entrepreneur, MBA, communications and investment expert. Has built family IT businesses, corporate ventures and startups. Launched DHL E-commerce in Moscow from business planning to profits. Expert in strategy, business models, growth, customer and stakeholder communications, investor pitching and startup visas. Lived in four countries and speaks English, Russian, French and Spanish, sails and surfs.


Sergey Martynov

IT, Strategy and Project Management

Computer scientist and MBA (UK), has been building successful IT businesses as a developer, project manager, consultant and co-founder. Over 15 years in the web industry. Launched, grown and scaled leading Internet consumer platforms, including VKontakte, the leading Russian social network and Mail.Ru, the country’s largest e-mail service. Startup consultant, speaker and conference organiser in the web industry.